‘Statements from Peace Strike’ Archive

Statement from Peacestrike for 20th November 2010


Authorised SOCPA 2005 Demonstration in Whitehall by Peacestrike from 4.30 Trafalgar Square, London.

Also UK wide and NATO countries.

Peacestrike is committed to peace for all.

We are also committed to the right of the people of this country be able to speak out and be taken seriously by the Government of the day.

Our concerns in calling a General Peace Strike stem from the fact that the UK Government has not taken on board, or addressed to date, the real concerns of the majority of the British Public. We are tired of war….we are tired of the lies….we are tired of the futile deaths of both soldiers and civilians on both sides. We are tired of the excuse that we are delivering Democracy to a Nation that will one day supposedly thank us.

We all know this is a corporate war, not on behalf of any people, but for oil, drugs and rich mineral deposits. It is a global operation of plunder and deception.

Back at home we are facing the most severe financial cuts since the pre-war 1930’s.

We therefore feel that the time is right for the people to take the issue that has cost every person so dearly, and deliver our concerns to the very door where the problem stems.

We ask all who participate to act in a peaceful courteous manner at all times.

We have no argument with the police, indeed we have no argument with the Government. We do not wish to debate, discuss,negotiate, that time has passed… We come in peace to deliver a determined message that:


We need to break the NATO coalition and in doing so, prevent more wars. The time has come for peace. Only the people of the country can get the troops home. We must act now while we still have this window of opportunity open……

TAKE COURAGE TO DO THE RIGHT THING. We will not be doing any harm and indeed we have a moral duty to speak out on behalf of other people who are denied a voice. We have a great country, however we are responsible for so many needless deaths in a foreign land that most of us will never visit or even know where it is on the map. We need to restore our self respect.  The time to act is NOW!

Be prepared to stay as long as possible….or rotate shifts….bring tents, sleeping bags, roll mats, waterproofs,warm clothes,umbrellas, space blankets, food, drink, charged mobile phones,cameras……

Best wishes, and congratulations to all for making a historic stand for peace!

Democracy Village # ON STRIKE for PEACE #

#PRESS RELEASE#   00.45 Tuesday 20th July 2010 Parliament Square
“Democracy Village goes on STRIKE!”

“Concerned Citizens”at Democracy Village on Parliament Square state in open defiance of the pending eviction notice that they fully intend to carry on with their demand to “Bring Our Soldiers Home Alive!”

The majority of the people in this country DO NOT SUPPORT THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN!

Young people want a future free from war and deprivation. We now have a whole generation of disenfranchised youth who are disillusioned with a government that spends our money on illegal wars of aggression and illegal occupations.

We refuse to comply with laws that prevent our message going out to the people from Parliament Square, the historical home of protest. People only gather together to risk arrest and possible imprisonment if their concerns are of the utmost urgency.

Therefore to go “ON STRIKE for PEACE” to save life is our duty and can never be illegal if the underlying cause is justified.

Refuse to pay tax for war until the military budget is redirected into caring for the people. Checkout ‘tax strikes’ on ‘makewarshistory.org.uk‘.
Many thanks to all the people, nationally and internationally, who have supported the aims of Democracy Village and its stand against war.
The Village goes on…….
Concerned Citizens of Democracy Village, Parliament Square, London

Statement from The Peace Strike Campaign in support of the Democracy Village

The Peace Strike Campaign operates an authorised 24 hour ongoing ‘Strike For Peace’ at Parliament Square, Westminster.

Since May 1st this year, the Democracy Village, with the invitation of The Peace Strike, established an ongoing fully operational village on the grassed area on Parliament Square.

During the week before the election, no major party offered the opportunity to bring an end to the war in Afghanistan. Predominantly, the collective aim of the village is to make a stand against the war in Afghanistan, and to ensure the peaceful return of our soldiers back
to the UK.

The Democracy Village is an ’emergency camp’ reflecting the real concerns of the majority of people in this country. At this moment in time, Parliament Square is being occupied in order to put pressure on the Government to listen to the people, and to bring about peace for
all our sakes. Afghanistan is being illegally occupied by NATO forces
causing death and destruction every day, without any real justification that anyone can understand.

When the objectives of the village are met, then the occupation of Parliament Square will cease, and the village will move on to wherever else it might be required.

Boris Johnson and the GLA are concerned about any damage caused to the square regarding the grass, and the presumed restricted use to the
general public, implying that they are not welcome onto the square
now. Before Boris Johnson became the new mayor of London, there was a
major redevelopment plan for Parliament Square. It was planned to be
remodelled as a continental style piazza, and to join onto the
Westminster Abbey area. Also pedestrian crossings were to be
installed. All these plans were scrapped by Boris Johnson as there was
no money in the kitty. To date, there is damaged pavement area at the
back of the square and also loose pavement slabs that are potentially
dangerous. All in all, if there were a health and safety check to the
square then there are serious issues. Also the crossings to the square
are not safe for public use. Indeed it is the GLA that seem to be the main
obstacle to people’s enjoyment of the Square – it has failed to address
the dangers in accessing the Square and it has neglected the
infrastructure of the Square.

The Democracy Village does not deny use of the Square by people who
want to enjoy it, or to meet or to protest. All are invited and very welcome to
visit and use the space. Historically Parliament Square belongs to the people.

Peace Strike fully supports the Democracy Village in its historical
stand to bring about peace through its direct actions and ongoing
campaign work. The grass area will be maintained to avoid as much
damage as possible. Peace Strike is willing to take responsibility in
‘making good’ Parliament Square when the village moves on once its
objectives have beeen met. When the area is cleared of tents and
equipment, the grass area will be transformed to a ‘better standard’
than when it was found.

Let’s all get behind Democracy Village now……if our troops don’t
return to this country soon…… then they are lining up for another


3 June 2010

To everyone who supports my protest in Parliament Square

I became involved in peace work at Parliament Square (PSq) from March 2002 and have been resident there since May 2006. In recent years I have established the “Peace Strike” which is an authorised 24-hour ongoing campaign operating from the Square. It gives me the right to live and campaign from there. The Square is my official residence, where I am registered on the Westminster City Council electoral roll.

Authorisation gives me the right to have four permanent static displays on the pavement and the right to sleep there in my tent. I have authorisation for: a 24-hour ongoing vigil for Gaza, a 24 hour ongoing vigil for Iran and a 24 hour ongoing vigil for Tamils. I have other authorisations for similar campaigning. Parliament Square is my home and continues to be my home.

My daughter Kerry is due to give birth in London at the beginning of June. I write to inform everyone that I will be taking a short leave to help and support her and my new grandchild, and that I plan to return to the Square once they are happy and settled. I see this absence as my right to family leave as a grandmother, without having to lose my authorisation to campaign from the Square.

I raised my daughter as a single parent from when she was two years old. She has no other siblings and I am the only family member who is available to her now. I must support her in her time of need. She has been an amazing support to me and others on Parliament Square for the past eight years. From a teenager she has contributed to the care and welfare of people living on the Square: from standing guard, deflecting abuse, making placards and being a witness in court to the more invisible work of preparing and bringing food as well as running our family home while I was away doing political peace work. She never once complained or asked me for anything, even when she went without money for clothes and pocket money as my income was being used to support the peace protests on the Square. Recently she told me that even if she had wanted me to leave she would never have asked because she knew that if she did I would have left.

Now is my time to take some leave to support her. It would be an injustice if she were denied the love and care of her mother at such a crucial time in her life because I am unable to leave my demonstration.

This is only a temporary leave and I will continue to co-ordinate the campaign while I am away from the Square. I have appointed a deputy to cover for me during my absence.

Thanking you for your consideration and ongoing support.

Maria Gallastegui