Afghanistan war protest


229 minute silent protest – one minute for each British war dead

At 2pm this afternoon, three people began a protest at the Cenotaph, the monument to British war dead in Whitehall, London, about the escalating war in Afghanistan.

Holding a banner saying ‘End Afghanistan corporate war. Honour our troops. Bring them home’, the three intend to remain for 229 minutes (3 hours and 49 minutes). Each minute represents one British soldier killed since the conflict began in 2001. The protest will be carried out in silence.

This year alone, 92 British troops have been killed in Afghanistan. (1).

The protest will also honour the many thousands of Afghanistan civilian deaths as a direct result of the war (2) with indiscriminate airstrikes accounting for a large increase in deaths of Afghans since 2006 (3).





Presenting a petition to the Prime Minister earlier in the day

The statement signed by those taking part in the protest   – 229 minutes silence

More protest in Parliament Square

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  1. there is no reason to believe a war will solve anything in iraq or anywhere else war means hate puting people in a war in this day of age is all about power thats what america wants the power to be the one and only the one, over all of us. The end of the world will happen because of america and only america has the solution that is stop thinking they are the best and relize they are not the solution they are the problem thinking they are the only one who has a solution to stop all the hate and crime, and terrorism in the world but they don’t care for that they just want the power because they think they are better than australia, british, iraq, afganistan and so for america will be responsible for the end of the world and still won’t admit it was them who made the world corrupted and destroyed they still have nuclear bombs and won’t get rid of them nuclear bomb means destruction and they have more of these bombs than any other country but i guess america believes they should controlle the world because they believe they are humans and the rest of us are there guiny pigs. no one will ever prove me wrong because i care for the whole world not just one nation barrack obama has no excuse not to visit australia his reason for not coming to australia is the oil spill which he has no controlle over way its all about america to them its one nation one country and only that country is important. America satans home ground full stop.

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