Vigil For Iran

Vigil For Iran


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Peacestrike operates a 24hr on-going Vigil For Iran located at Parliament Square Westminster London SW1A OAA

It is authorized under the SOCPA 2005 legislation concerning demonstrations in and around the Houses of Parliament.
The Vigil is authorized for up to 20,000 people and started on 1st September 2009.

We welcome all peaceful people who want to share their concern in they escalating threat of a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

The political situation in Iran and in the wider International arena is complex. We at Peacestrike advocate peaceful negotiations aimed at preventing another war in the Middle East.
Any Pre-emptive Strike against a Sovereign Nation is seen as an ‘Act of Aggression’ in International Law and is morally injust and therefore unacceptable.
Any expansion of the war now into Iran will destabalise the world and mean decades of death and destruction for all concerned, not to mention the Iranians themselves.

Do we really want to live in a militarized world?

Do we want our children growing up ready to be mobalised for war?
We think not, and and therefore, our stand is to say ‘NO’ to any form of oppression or threat towards Iran and the Iranian people. It is  important NOW to build-up a regular Vigil outside the Houses of Parliament in order to show our justifiable concerns. Remember it is our RIGHT to demonstrate and to be seen and heard. We live in a free and democratic country so therefore, BECAUSE WE CAN….WE MUST!

If we don’t show our concerns now and build up International Solidarity towards Iran, we may end up in the same senario of lies and deception that led to the illegal war in Iraq…

We can only prevent another war from happening if we act now BEFORE any possible attack.

Come and join us now, all welcome!
Info: 07907233861

Bring banners, flags, picnics…
Sing, chant, pray….
Share solidarity….stand together united in peace

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  1. Great Idea, hope lots of people join you

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