Okhwan Yoon officially ended his hunger strike on day 41, Saturday 6th August 2011.

He was in a very weak condition. After a lot of consideration it was decided that it was in the best interest to look to the future and to continue his campaign work in yet another interesting and dynamic way. The political climate at the moment is not ready or willing to take on board the issues of peace and unity when so much of the political message is based on fear and the so-called “War On Terror”

It will take some time for him to build up his strength and energy, and to get back into full operational mode! There is no rush at the moment, as the emphasise must be that he fully recovers.

He would like to extend his sincere gratitude to all the supporters and well wishers who have conveyed  support for his cause. Also a thank you is given to local church Ministers who visited and prayed for him.

We must keep an open and positive mind….remember, the Berlin wall did FALL!

Okhwan Yoon will continue his campaign………..”ONE KOREA,ONE WORLD”

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