A timeline of recent events

December 2011 – the new restrictions on protest come into force under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act (PRASRA). Maria applies for an injunction to stop Westminster Council removing her peace boxes and other items. This is granted. see http://repeal-socpa.info/

January 2012 – at a high court hearing Maria is granted a judicial review of the legislation in March. see http://repeal-socpa.info/press_release_15Jan12.htm

March 2012 – Maria’s case against the enforcement of PRASRA is heard in the high court with Westminster Council as defendent and the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police as ‘interested parties’. The outcome of the case is of national significance: not only will the restrictions apply to a large area around the centre of decision-making at Parliament, but local authorities have been given powers to adopt similar legislation. see http://repeal-socpa.info/press_release_5Mar12.htm

April 2012 – one of the peace boxes is shipped to the US to be part of an art exhbition in Los Angeles. see http://www.artbelow.org.uk/ab/Artist.action?artistId=730

April 2012 – The judgement is given from the high court. It denies that there is any incompatibility with human rights and that Peacestrike has no right to stay in Parliament Square. see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17867852

3 May 2012 – after a further court hearing the injunction protecting Maria’s protest from the new law is lifted. Maria will apply to the Court of Appeal and, if necessary, to Strasburg to contest the new restrictions on protest. At around 6pm the police turn up and start to remove the Peacestrike protest.

See this article from Peace News about the new law and the recent legal proceedings.

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