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Listen to the people!

The crippling sanctions imposed on Iran are causing great hardship to the poor  of the country. The sanctions are designed to create dissatisfaction and heighten stress levels  in order to destabalise and weaken  the country from within, ready for an attack at a time, yet to be defined.

Syria is being taken out right now so that the country is controlled and the ground made secure for military forces to operate from within Syria against Iran.

Protesters and anti-war groups must now prepare to counteract a major political and media campaign based on propaganda, mis-information, bias and lies that will be made against Iran and the Iranian people.

We must be ready to counteract the false claims and accusations that will be made by people in a position of authority and power.

We must not repeat the mistakes made in the past by simply protesting, going on marches and rallies. We know that we have to do more than that! Put simply, the governments of the world get away with doing what they do because there is nothing to STOP  them!

Speak out NOW!!

Prepare to do all that matters in order to prevent another war! The outcome of launching a war of aggression against such a powerful country as Iran would have catastrophic consequences for the whole world. Peace can only be made through peace. We must therefore be strong and determined in our stand for peace, and above all the peace movement must stand UNITED in our aim to be effective and powerful in our own right, on our own terms.

Peace Strike “On Strike for Peace”

Latest Peace Strike leaflet

The latest Peace Strike leaflet can be downloaded here:

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