Four- week US Emergency ‘Peace Picket’ Ends Today.


Peace Strike outside US Embassy London

Four-week US Embassy ‘Peace Picket’ ends today

(Sat 28 September) – Peace Strike will today dismantle its emergency 24hr ongoing ‘Peace Picket’ for Syria, outside the US Embassy in London.

Following the passing of a resolution last night by the United Nations Security Council, the immediate threat of Western military strikes on Syria appears to have passed. We shall nevertheless remain vigilant and be following events closely, responding with further action as required.


We recognize the plight of the Syrian people and the devastating consequences that the civil war has had on the Syrian people as a whole. As a direct result, 2 million refugees have fled into neighboring countries and that in turn has increased regional tension as countries try to accommodate them. There are also 4 million internally displaced people within the Syria.

What they desperately need now – foremost – is medical aid, supplies and equipment. The world’s military might is stationed in and around the Gulf and has the skill and ability to take a lead by helping the 500,000 seriously wounded people in Syria and take emergency action NOW.

It has to be the Syrian people themselves who initiate dialogue and negotiation towards peace within their country, together with the full cooperation and help from the wider international community. We support all initiatives that promote a peaceful solution for all concerned.

Peace Strike would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported our ‘peace picket’ in various ways, with special thanks to those who have helped maintain our physical, round-the-clock presence outside the embassy for nearly a month.

Watch this space for news of future actions!

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Peace Strike outside the US Embassy UK September 2013.

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