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Yesterday the British Government voted to go to war -yet again- in the Middle East. This time it will support a coalition of USA, France, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Quatar and Jordon in conducting air strikes within Iraq. The target is the Islamic State Extremists IS.

These Islamic State extremists have come together and have grown out of years of killing and destruction committed in their Homeland by the Western Coalition. The original excuse to invade in 2003 was to liberate the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein’s cruel and corrupt regime.

This so called liberation was based on lies and deceit  that has been exposed in the media as the years have past. The west now has to take responsibility in the rise of extremism. It created all the ingredients to enable a Frankenstein Monster to grow and run loose. Having allowed it to manifest in all its misery it inevitably turns against those that oppose it with bitterness and anger. This includes opposing forces within Iraq and Syria.

UK Prime Mister David Cameron said: ‘We must hit IS with everything we have.(Metro 5th September)

‘Britain must be prepared to do everything we have in our armoury to take on the Islamic State’.

Some MP’S have urged that the UK make an alliance with Assad’s Syrian Government in order for both sides to fight the mutual common enemy. It seems this objective is not being seriously considered and David Cameron stated that: ‘ President Assad has committed war crimes against his people and is therefore illegitimate. He said: ‘My view is that he is part of the problem.’

In order to legally attack Syria – which is also being considered – a UN Mandate would have to exist. Ed Miliband the UK Labour Party leader expressed this view, although he is in full support of air strikes in Iraq.

Syria is still a sovereign nation with a government that is still technically legitimate. Assad’s government was excluded from any peace talks with the UN and therefore was not allowed to take anysort of position or compromise. Even though this is a brutal regime it still should have had the right to state it’s case, after all is that not what democracy is all about?

As we now know from 2002 when we first launched missiles into Afghanistan and then in 2003 into Iraq, the initial aim was liberation and to safeguard the Middle East and World security. However, all is not quite what it seems…….

Confusion arises as the media refer to the ‘Islamic State’ (IS) also as ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ (ISIS) and also ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Levant’ ( ISIL)  Arabic opposition refer to it as Daesh. President Obama has used all these terms. IS is know as a terror group within Iraq and Syria and originated or split from Al-Qaeda and other factions. Many rebels within Syria have now joined IS as it will have the attraction of being powerful, assertive and effective. Many UK volunteers have been drawn to the ideology of helping the Freedom Rebels in their fight for liberation within their country. They then may have been unwittingly subjected to the all powering influence of IS which has taken control in many areas. Some will have been absorbed either by admiration or fear. There is nothing nice about war and in itself it creates extreme action either in battle or in extreme graphic messages of hate as depicted in the ‘beheading videos’

During the Spanish Civil War many young people from the UK volunteered to fight for the Spanish Republic and took up arms for idealistic views in the form of the ‘International Brigade’

UK have had a stake in flooding the region with supplying arms to Gulf States such as Arab Emirates and Quatar. Political power and corporate greed fuel an endless supply of arms to all sides. It is in the interest of business that war is ‘manufactured’ in order to keep the order books full and generate astronomic profit.

The Iranian nation is ‘oil rich’ and has the 4th largest supply in the world. Iran supports Syria, however it is now fighting IS in Iraq. Iran has been drawn into the conflict by the extreme IS even though previously Iran was viewed as an extreme threat and was labeled an ‘axis of evil’ by the US Bush Administration.

Iran is a member of the IAEA and has signed up to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and is accountable. Israel on the other hand is not a member of the IAEA even though they do process nuclear weapons. They are supported by the US and are accountable to no one.


Propaganda is misleading information deliberately manufactured in order to undermine public opinion and build fear in people’s minds. It is very effective and it works.

We must not believe everything we read, keep an open mind.

During WW1 there existed the highly secret War Propaganda Bureau (WPG)

This was run by Military Intelligence MI7b and used eminent writers of the day to produce thousands of articles that were published in newspapers and magazines. It instilled great fear in peoples minds concerning the German people. The fear grew to such a pitch that they would willingly agree to any action that would ‘get rid ‘ of the problem. It goes without saying that propaganda is used by all sides to justify their actions. People become scared and confused as matters are made more complex as events develop. Once they ‘loose the plot’ of the story they become resigned to the ever increasing pitch of those in power who proclaim to know better.

The very same propaganda exists today.

Beware of what you read and keep an open mind.

Now that Iran has been drawn from it’s border into Iraq in order to take on IS forces – other factors could come into play –  whereby they too could at some point be seen as part of the problem.

Remember to take on Iran you will need to neutralize Syria.

Air strike is sanctioned war which could potentially last for years to come.

Obama said ‘ This is going to be a long term project’


We call upon the UK Government to genuinely speak out for peace instead of always banging the drums of war. If nothing real is forthcoming then the people themselves must force the change.

We are tired of war.


The people call the strike themselves.

Once the door to air strikes with Iraq is opened, the door will also open to air strikes in Syria.

The writing is on the wall.

Wake up UK, wake up Concerned citizens.

The time is coming when mass peaceful civil disobedience is the only way we can get our governments to take notice and act on our concerns. If the opportunity to save life is made available to us then we have a duty to act.