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Petition to Downing Street

Petition to Downing Street

Statement on Syria issued by Peace Strike 25th Nov 2015

As concerned citizens based in the UK, we call on the UK government not to launch airstrikes in Syria, but instead to,


1) Exercise restraint and exhaust all avenues of diplomacy with all interested parties.


2) Take full responsibility and hold itself accountable for the illegality of the Iraq war and the continuance of the Afghanistan war, its colonial exploits, and its extra military actions which significantly contributed to the rise of the instability of various regions as we see today;


3) De-escalate from the perpetual violence, and reduce militarisation both at home and abroad, and actively pursue peaceful alternatives to military intervention;


4) Accept responsibility for the resettlement of all refugees created by the actions of the UK, in the so-called “War on Terror,” and resist scapegoating those who are victims in this tragic string of events;


5) We believe that repeating the disastrous choices made by the UK after the events of September 11th 2001 would result in further destabalisation which would have unpredictable and devastating consequences.

This cycle of violence and exploitation has to end now;


We condemn all killing and human-rights abuse in Syria and the region, whoever is responsible.


War is terror.

( Adapted from statement by Iraq Veterans Against the War )


UK Parliament Vote For Peace #UKvote4Peace


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