The Peace Strike Campaign was formed on 20th March 2007 as a pre-emptive campaign


We are primarily a direct action campaign concerned with ending war and promoting peace.

The campaign promotes “GOING ON STRIKE FOR PEACE” as our ultimate and final stand against on-going oppression. A strike for peace – to save life- can only be a moral duty, and therefore not an offense in law. The campaign has been



We are a seriously motivated peaceful group of people who represent the large and silenced majority.

We oppose all forms of warfare and the perpetual insane cycles of violence and de-humanising behavior aimed at the poorest and least powerful in our societies.

The UK and USA have been engaged since 2002 in a conflict which has effected both Afghanistan and Iraq.We have also seen the destruction of the Lebanon by Israeli forces backed by the US. They have been using weapons containing depleted uranium that have a horrifying effect on people who are exposed to the radioactive particles, including UK and US soldiers (gulf war syndrome).

This is unacceptable. Nationally and internationally people have cried out against these unjustifiable and cruel wars that have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands, including women and children – hundreds continue to die each day. We therefore call upon all genuine and dedicated people to unite together for the purpose of calling action strikes. The real power a person has is to withdraw their labour, take a day off work, or from your usual routine and refuse to be used for that day so that we can make a serious protest that will be effective..

Our peace strike is independent and therefore not influenced by corporate funding or by political parties. We aim to stay true to our objective of campaigning for the end of warfare and armed conflict.

We aim to initiate peace strikes in UK / USA / Israel and any other countries around the world. We the Peace Strike are no longer prepared to stand by and let our brothers and sisters of any country to be victims of the mass global corporate greed that instigates unacceptable aggression towards innocent civilian populations. We are on strike for humanity and we refuse to collaborate with our governments and condemn their aggressive actions. If our politicians instigate any threats or actions against Syria / Iran or any other country. We will go on strike.

The first strike has to be against a further expansion of the war i.e. the threat to Syria / Iran. We wish to pre-empt this possible attack by acting now and in the near future as a matter of urgency. We therefore call for a series of pre-emptive peace strikes.

A message to the governments of:
The United States of America and The United Kingdom

We the people of Peace Strike declare that we will not allow our government to attack Iran or any other country.

“To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”
– Robert H. Jackson

Not On Our Watch.

When we – as individuals, and as a conscious collective – become aware of problems within our societies that have a negative effect on our welfare and peace,  must act to counteract such perils. We cannot ignore these issues, we must act for the greater good.  It is therefore  ”ON OUR WATCH” and our  responsibility.


Lets not wait until it’s too far down the line to stop the war. We cannot trust governments to work for the greater good, nationally and internationally. Bottom line….


Our actions will be legal and the police informed in advance.  Our energies are aimed at challenging the government to bring about peace and justice for those affected by war both in countries under attack, and here for those of us who face cuts to resources and services to pay for those wars.

Our actions will be legal and the police informed in advance.  Our energies are aimed at challenging the government to bring about peace and justice for those affected by war both in countries under attack, and at home in the UK for those of us who face cuts to resources and services to pay for those wars.

We plan to continue our peace strike in support of Iran until we feel there is no longer any threat. We can at any time change our strike action to any issue that is of great concern.

We would like to build up a core network ready to strike in Parliament Square, which may begin small but over time can build up to thousands of people.

We would also like to hear from individuals, churches, clubs, campaign groups, workers unions, etc, who would like to start a picket and to establish a picket line in their own town or city in solidarity nationwide.

What is a strike?

A strike for peace does not always involve downing tools and walking out of work. A strike for peace is also about making a statement, that you are aware of the suffering and injustice in the world and you are willing to give up your time to show that you care and that you want things to change.

It is about empowering yourself by not taking part in activities or duties that help maintain the status quo. It is about making a stand against those in power, getting them to pay attention to the people’s concerns rather than to those of their wealthy and powerful friends who benefit from the oil and arms trade.

You can make this statement by joining a local Peace Picket line or the Parliament Square Peace Picket in London.

What sorts of people make up a strike?

You do!

We can all be strikers if we care about each other and other people. The Peace Strike has been formed to provide a direct action movement whereby housewives, parents, students, workers, people on benefits, homeless people, people with disabilities, carers, pensioners, families, etc, can join together in solidarity in a common cause for peace, united in action and standing strong together.
Emergency / key workers, carers etc. We do not expect you to abandon your responsibilities, however you can still be in solidarity in your hearts, even though you may not be able to get to your picket. You can Join us on another day when you are free and able.

Organizing a Peace Picket

Location – Identify a common public space that local people are familiar with. Make sure it is of reasonable size so that people can gather together without causing an obstruction.

Contact – Contact local people, peace campaign groups, churches, universities, colleges, pensioners, workers unions etc. Invite them to join and let them know the location and Peace Strike web site details. All actions will appear in advance on our web site.

Media – Contact local radio, newspapers and national/regional television. Let them know where your Peace Strike picket is located and when you will be there. Speak as much as possible to condemn the actions of governments who systematically destroy and maim in the name of, “liberation and democracy”.

Size – If the Peace Picket becomes too large another picket can be established. Any town or city can have as many pickets as required.

Operation – You may not be available to do a full day at your picket, just do the best you can. Half a day, or even and hour will be of value. You can rotate with other people to keep the presence going, i.e. within a group of friends or family sharing different times of day to the strike going. Get to know each other. We each have skills we can contribute to the group. Groups will naturally self organize and each will be different. We must work together in mutual co-operation to be effective. Make friends and enjoy the experience, remain positive.

Open Mic Picket – You may like to introduce an ‘open mic’ public address system (or megaphone) to enable people to speak out and be heard. This would be essential for groups of 30 and upwards. You also need to get your message over to the general public passing by so they know what the Peace Strike picket is representing.

Entertainment – On long days it might be uplifting for everyone to stop and take a break with some light entertainment. Encourage musicians, singers, poets to come along and participate.

Let us know – Do not forget to let Peace Strike know where you are and details of your picket. We will put your event on our location list.

UK Legal –  Permission is not required from the police to hold a static demonstration or rally however it is generally good practice to inform them before hand. The police have no power to ban a static demonstration or rally altogether, however, they do have power to impose conditions. For an overview of the Public Order Act relating to static demonstrations and rallies, click here: Static demonstrations, rallies and assemblies

Other Legal – The law regarding demonstrations will differ by country. If you organize a Peace Picket you should investigate how the law will affect you where you are. Should you wish, you can also pass this information to us and we will publish it on our website.


Code of conduct

We would like all participating groups to act accordingly to the following code of conduct:

* To stand united and participate in peaceful non-violent direct action.

* To be non-confrontational, peaceful and respectful in our attitude and manner. We will act in a courteous and responsible manner at all times.

* Everyone is welcome to join us in our planned demonstrations and actions and they will be able to contribute equally within the group.