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VIGIL FOR “SAY NO TO NATO!” Sunday 20th May 2012

Occupy protesters join the night-time vigil


Sunday 20th May 2012. Start of NATO summit in Chicago USA



We need to re-energise the peace movement in a BIG way if we are ever to get OUR TROOPS HOME and prevent another war with IRAN.



Following on from the Stop the War “Say No To NATO” demonstration on Saturday 19th May at 1pm outside the American Embassy, Grosvenor Square………there will be a…



12 noon Sunday 20th May – 12 noon Monday 21st May 2012

Parliament Square, Westminster, London.

Peace Strike is calling a 24hr protest / vigil in support the people of Afghanistan. They need our help to put pressure on our governments to:


From 12 noon we will be demonstrating to highlight the start of the NATO summit that is meeting for a conference in Chicago USA.
The conference will be more to justify the ongoing war in Afghanistan, with discussions of Iran on the table.
The Afghanistan people are desperate for the war to end. They want NATO Forces to leave their country, to enable them to rebuild their lives and restore dignity to their people.

Join us for all or part of the vigil, which ever you are able to manage. In the late evening and during the night, a vigil will be held for all the countless thousands of civilians who have lost their lives in Afghanistan. Also, we will remember all the fallen and injured from our own British Forces. We need this futile, hopeless war to end. The people of our country must re-new the pressure on our weak coalition government NOW!


Monday morning we will welcome the MP’s back to Westminster with the sight of wounded and dying people. This is every day reality for the people and children of Afghanistan.

Bring banners, placards, candles, bandages or white sheets, and red felt tip pens.

SOCPA 2005 is no longer in force, however PRASRA 2011 (Police Reform and Social Responsibility) now applies.This new law prohibits all items associated with enabeling a person to ‘sleep’ within the area.


Due to the nature of 24hr protest, some people may find that they need to rest during the night. They may wish to lie down for an hour or so. If that is the case, you may like to bring a sleeping bag, a roll mat and a waterproof survival bag, warm clothing and food and drink to sustain yourself. Although the law uses the wording ‘prohibits’ it was stated in court that it may be down to the discretion of the officer present at the immediate time. It may be discretionary.

Sleeping equipment can, and may be confiscated. Be aware, and make sure that the sleeping bag etc is not expensive. You will be entitled to your property back, within 28 days.

If you resist the confiscation attempt, you maybe arrested.

Note: We take this demonstration very seriously. We want to bring  justice to the Afghanistan people, and we sincerely want our troops home. We therefore ask people NOT to bring tents. That is not the focal issue at present . The issue is to have the ability to demonstrate peacefully over a  given period of time.

We ask all who take part to be non-confrontational, polite and sincere.We are not there to argue, we are there to promote peace and speak out for those who depend on us to speak out on their behalf.


Join the mailing list: peacestrike@lists.riseup.net

Contact: 07907 233 861

Facebook: Peace Strike Parliament Square, Join :The Big Peace Offensive

Twitter @Peacestrike

Join the Peace Strike on Mayday!

End the War in Afghanistan. Bring the Troops Home

Saturday 1 May 2010, Parliament Square, London

Traditionally a day free of labour and a day in solidarity with the demands of labour, Peacestrike have called a strike on 1 May from 10am, to demand an end to war and an end to the senseless killing.

Joining the Peacestrike in Parliament Square will be the Election Meltdown May Day Carnival and People’s Assembly. This will be followed by a Direct Democracy Camp which will stay until the election on 6th May.

For much more information on the events see:

For more about Peace Strike see
About Peace Strike

'End the War in Afghanistan. Bring the Troops Home

Three arrested for Afghanistan war protest at Cenotaph

Maria was released at midnight last night on unconditional bail to attend court in mid December.

She was arrested under the already failed and scheduled for repeal SOCPA act for taking part in an unauthorised demonstration within a designated area.

The two men she was with were also released on bail, Simon (left) unconditionally and the other, Ian (right) on a condition he does not take part in any further protests or demonstrations within the designated area between now and his court date.

Maria, Simon and Ian at the Cenotaph

Maria being arrested – why couldn’t the police let them stay the 229 minutes as they had planned (1 minutes for each British soldier killed).

See here for an Indtymedia report

Afghanistan war protest


229 minute silent protest – one minute for each British war dead

At 2pm this afternoon, three people began a protest at the Cenotaph, the monument to British war dead in Whitehall, London, about the escalating war in Afghanistan.

Holding a banner saying ‘End Afghanistan corporate war. Honour our troops. Bring them home’, the three intend to remain for 229 minutes (3 hours and 49 minutes). Each minute represents one British soldier killed since the conflict began in 2001. The protest will be carried out in silence.

This year alone, 92 British troops have been killed in Afghanistan. (1).

The protest will also honour the many thousands of Afghanistan civilian deaths as a direct result of the war (2) with indiscriminate airstrikes accounting for a large increase in deaths of Afghans since 2006 (3).


1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2009/sep/17/afghanistan-casualties-dead-wounded-british-data#data


3. http://www.hrw.org/en/news/2008/09/07/afghanistan-civilian-deaths-airstrikes

Presenting a petition to the Prime Minister earlier in the day

The statement signed by those taking part in the protest   – 229 minutes silence

More protest in Parliament Square