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9 Million Displaced Syrian’s Must Not Be Forgotten.

Show solidarity to the Syrian people and support the 3rd ‘POP UP’ Syrian Refugee Camp.

Parliament Square London SW1A OAA

Wednesday 11th June 2014

10am – 6pm

No need to bring tent as already organized.

Bring good energy, banners, placards, tea,coffee. Check weather forcast for brolly alert!

The U.N. estimates that over 6.5 million people are internally displaced — an increase of more than two million in just six months.

2.5 million have fled to surrounding countries, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordon, Iraq, and Egypt. This has caused great pressure on the host countries who are in turn suffering from their own internal turmoil.

The lack of clean water and sanitation in crowded, makeshift settlements is an urgent concern. Diseases like cholera and polio can easily spread — even more life-threatening without enough medical services. In some areas with the largest refugee populations, water shortages have reached emergency levels; the supply is as low as 30 liters per person per day.


Arms companies supply weapons to kill predominantly civilians, in other countries and make an obscene amount of money.

The money for the weapons is unwittingly supplied by the taxpayer.

Aid is then sent to these destroyed countries to ‘help the victims’ This is the taxpayers money.

Charities are then set up to help in the short fall of funds, again this is the taxpayer.

The ordinary person in the street unwittingly foots the bill to make people they don’t know and will probably never meet, suffer and be killed, while making someone they don’t know and will probably never meet, VERY RICH.

The time has come to peacefully decline.

I hope that those that have the most important responsibility in world affairs will be able to understand that forgetting Syria will be a total disaster,” the UN’s Guterres says.

Wars Fueled by Western Powers

Blood money: UK’s £12.3bn arms sales to repressive states


Russian arms manufacturer and supplier to the Syrian Government, allowed to exhibit at the worlds largest arms fare in London. (DSEI)


The time has come to peacefully decline.

Syria Peace and Justice


Earthian Global Peace Mission


Peace Strike



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Four- week US Emergency ‘Peace Picket’ Ends Today.


Peace Strike outside US Embassy London

Four-week US Embassy ‘Peace Picket’ ends today

(Sat 28 September) – Peace Strike will today dismantle its emergency 24hr ongoing ‘Peace Picket’ for Syria, outside the US Embassy in London.

Following the passing of a resolution last night by the United Nations Security Council, the immediate threat of Western military strikes on Syria appears to have passed. We shall nevertheless remain vigilant and be following events closely, responding with further action as required.



We recognize the plight of the Syrian people and the devastating consequences that the civil war has had on the Syrian people as a whole. As a direct result, 2 million refugees have fled into neighboring countries and that in turn has increased regional tension as countries try to accommodate them. There are also 4 million internally displaced people within the Syria.

What they desperately need now – foremost – is medical aid, supplies and equipment. The world’s military might is stationed in and around the Gulf and has the skill and ability to take a lead by helping the 500,000 seriously wounded people in Syria and take emergency action NOW.

It has to be the Syrian people themselves who initiate dialogue and negotiation towards peace within their country, together with the full cooperation and help from the wider international community. We support all initiatives that promote a peaceful solution for all concerned.

Peace Strike would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported our ‘peace picket’ in various ways, with special thanks to those who have helped maintain our physical, round-the-clock presence outside the embassy for nearly a month.

Watch this space for news of future actions!

Peace news article about Syrian nonviolence movement by Jessica Corbett.



Petition to No 10 Downing Street.

“ON STRIKE” for peace, US Embassy UK.

Peace Strike outside the US Embassy UK September 2013.



Forward plan For an Emergency…..Forward plan For an Emergency…..Forward plan For an Emergency…..



24 Hour 0n-going Peace Strike ‘Peace Picket’


Outside the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square W1A 2LQ

Starting 7pm Monday 3rd August 2013

A 24hr on-going Peace-picket will be established outside the US Embassy in solidarity with the innocent civilians of Syria. Even though the UK government voted 285-272 against military action against Syria, this was by 13 votes – a small margin that could easily change – determined by fast moving circumstances. It does not mean that if US decide to attack Syria that the UK will not be drawn in at a later date. We must not assume that this matter has gone away. If the US attack Syria, it could escalate neighbouring countries, including Israel and allies of Iran. This would be a ‘Game Changer’ and would force UK to back USA and Israel.

France has now joined the US in support of air strikes. France sold £800,000 worth of arms to the Assad regime.

Our role as a peace movement must be to support the people of Syria. To date no evidence has been presented as to who deployed the chemical weapons in Syria. There is danger in overloaded conflicting misinformation. It will take two weeks for the UN inspectors to give any conclusive evidence. These people are the experts and any other sources cannot be relied on. Either way, no matter what is announced, we firmly oppose ANY military strike or intervention which will only kill and maim unlimited thousands of people, families and children.

Obama has again announced that he supports military air strikes of ‘limited duration and scope’ against Syria. The day after the UK vote, Friday 30th August, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry made a powerful classic propaganda speech full of moving but non-factual statements. Many commented that they were moved by his speech. Power and spin can be very potent.

President Obama has announced that he will present the case to Congress for a vote on September 9th. Public opinion is not in favour of air strikes – expect more strong rhetoric to now to manipulate opinion.

At anytime things could escalate. We must be alert not to be caught off guard.

The only realistic way forward is to hold peace talks, negotiate, and uphold international law.



Emergency Peace Action for Syria

The aim of this action is to promote a ‘peace strike picket’ to highlight the power that each individual has in their own right. We are ‘On strike for peace’. We will call an international strike should US start military strikes against Syria.

Anyone who does any activity “within the system” is actually supporting it. Therefore to start with, we need 3 days of:


NO LABOUR !Only emergency workers and essential workers carry on, the rest of us shut down.

NO SCHOOL, COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY, NURSERYTo prevent death and injury to others, it is more important to register your concerns, rather than worry about a few days off.

NO TRANSPORT! Buses, underground, trains, planes.

NO TV! –– They sensationalise war.



Includes: students, pensioners, homeworkers, anyone and everyone on benefit and disability allowance.

*Strike does not include emergency and essential workers whose work and travel we support. Police, Fire Service, Nurses, Doctors, Ambulance, Carers and Emergency Utility Workers.

The strike involves discipline and motivation, based on a ‘duty of care’ for humanity. Listen to your conscience and do not be afraid to do what is right. Compassion is vital for humanity. Without compassion we are mere empty vessels.

We acknowledge that a mass strike could cause hardship. This would be minimal to us compared with “surgical Strikes” to civilians in Syria. This will be limited by mutual co-operation within our communities. It’s up to us to create our own opportunity to have a voice against war that will be heard, and will have real effect. If we don’t act now we could face a future of endless war….

Be kind to one another and we will endure.

Code of conduct

All Peace Strike Pickets are operated with a strike policy of no alcohol, drugs, verbal abuse or any anti-social behaviour.

To promote peace we need to be peaceful in our manner.

We are representing the Syrian people in there time of need.


1st Sept, Arab League calling for action against Syria from international community.

2nd Sept Boris Johnson, Mayor of London calling for 2nd vote in Parliament.

To be updated…….


sign up to our announcement list:peace-strike@lists.riseup.nethttp://twitter.com/Peacestrike

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Peace Strike “ON STRIKE FOR PEACE” 0744 859 9856