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Peace Strike: We will not follow our country into yet another war…

Speak out now against injustice to whom ever it may effect. Do not be lead by powerful ambitious people who thrive on the insane notion that you can bomb a country and a people into democracy. Listen to what the man says, he speaks plain and true. Do not be falsely mis-lead by government spin and propaganda. UK government must not get involved in proposed air strikes in Syria.

UK government take the lead politically and call on NATO and the International community to promote peace talks to include Syria and Iran.

Film clip featuring Charlie Chaplin in the Great Dictator ( 1940 )






Youtube 2009

Uploaded by Eshgham Vatanam

An informative film concerning historical facts , timeline  and events that have lead to the political moral dilemma that faces Iran today.

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What next?

So, with the removal of Peacestrike peace boxes from Parliament Square, the new restrictions on protest under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act have been enforced. These ban any kind of sleeping equipment that can sustain long-term protest, as well as any kind of amplification equipment that demonstrations use and need.

What next for Peacestrike?

Maria has been protesting 24/7 since 2006 in Parliament Square. It has been the base for so many Peacestrike activities including daily petitions to 10 Downing Street, speaking out about the causes and consequences and the horror of war, and supporting the protest of others.

The peace boxes more lately became a focal point in Parliament Square with their powerful statements, art work and all-round creative approach to use of the space. The protests in Parliament Square have for 10 years been a visible expression that war is wrong and have become a place where those who wish to express their concern and sorrow in relation to war can gravitate towards, a space of common concern within the anonymous city.

No sleeping in Parliament Square

With nothing but a single placard, sleeping bag and plastic sheeting, Maria spent last night on the pavement, determined to maintain her protest. At 3am the police arrived and gave her a warning to hand over the sleeping bag which she did. They informed her that she would be issued with a summons to appear at court. Maria argues that it is vital to be able to sleep in order to sustain a long-term protest. Without sleeping equipment, that becomes very difficult and the protest is undermined.

The legal case

Maria and the lawyers who have challenged the new restrictions on protest will go to the Court of Appeal and, if necessary, the European Court of Human Rights, to contest the case against the law.

Auctioning the peace box

Maria is keen to see the peace boxes auctioned to raise money for children in Iraq. One of the boxes in currently an exhibit in an art show in Los Angeles. See here

How can you help

If you would like to be kept in touch about the peace box auction, get in contact. Please consider donating to Peacestrike to get the auction going. See contact us for details

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The removal of Peacestrike from Parliament Sqare

Below are press articles, video and pictures of the removal by police of the remaining peace box, tent and other items.




Daily Mail

Evening Standard


Iranians we love you…


Israeli people we love you..







Peace Strike at the Royal Courts of Justice 6th and 7th March 2012

Court No 3, sitting at 10.30

Big Peace Offensive – “Peace For Iran, Peace For Syria – NO TO WAR!”


Grass Roots Movement – The People Call The Strike Themselves!

Facebook group ‘ BIG PEACE OFFENSIVE UK’

Make the pledge to SAVE LIFE and STOP WAR


White Flag Revolution Mass Rally – 1st December Whitehall

The White Flag Revolution will be hosting a mass rally starting at 10am on the 1st of December 2010.
Lets fill Whitehall to bursting point to make our Government listen to the concerns of the British people.
Lets hold them to account. We demand an end to the Afghanistan war!, and the return of our troops to the UK. We want to prevent an expansion to any war in Iran. This war which is unwinnable must end now!
Only the people can make this happen, if you want peace then its upto you to come.

You can also follow our “white flag revolution” channel on you tube



White Flag Revolution

General Peace Strike

Saturday 20th November 2010



A non-violent direct action to shut down Westminster and Whitehall including other Cities and Towns across the United Kingdom starting on Saturday 20th November. Following the STOP THE WAR demonstration from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square proceed with us down Whitehall / Westminster carrying white flags for peace in order to make a historical stand from 4.30pm.

This will be a peaceful protest.
Bring tents, sleeping bags and refreshments, white flags, make banners, placards.
Be prepared to stay as long as needed.

Help leafleting and campaign with us to mobilise the widest possible support. Online media can also reach millions. Use Facebook, Twitter, your email, website, blog etc. Following the demonstration we need a 60,000+ critical mass of Volunteers to then proceed to Westminster and Whitehall to send a determined message to our Government that the war in Afghanistan must end!

“Everyone can make a difference”
This war is unwinnable

Please join this crucial demonstration in Westminster and Whitehall which will give back a voice to the anti­war majority in this country and tell the politicians the time for peace is… NOW!

The war in Afghanistan has entered its 10th year, longer than World War I and World War II combined.
77% of the general public do not support the illegal war and occupation of Afghanistan.
342 service personnel have been killed – twice the number killed in the Iraq war to date, with over 4,000 seriously wounded field hospital admissions,.
⚫Tens of thousands of unarmed innocent Afghan civilians have been killed since 2001, with 2010 the worst year yet.

Ministry Of Defence Operations Factsheets ref: http://www.mod.uk

Too many innocent lives in Afghanistan are being lost.

What for?

“Afghanistan Time for Peace.”

To Stop War – The People Must Stop!

The Orange Revolution ­ staged by the people of the Ukraine, followed the 2004 Presidential elections, for which,  it was claimed showed massive corruption, fraud and voter intimidation.
This democratic revolution was highlighted by a series of acts of civil disobedience, mass sit­ins and general strikes, with thousands of supporters camping out along the central streets of Kiev.
What was the Orange Revolution? Ref: http://orangeukraine.squarespace.com/revolution


“Lets UNITE now for future Peace.”
The people are saying;


Listen to the people

Why it’s time for the troops to come home

We, the people, have nothing more to lose by taking a stand  now for common humanity.
We need UK forces to withdrawn soon; we need to break the NATO coalition. If we don’t act now, this could result in an escalation of war into Iran

So much bravery, loyalty, devotion; so many young lives already destroyed. Unmanned drone planes continue to bomb Pakistan daily, despite the fact that NO declaration of war has been made. This is not reported within mainstream media.

The war in Afghanistan is a mess. The insurgency grows,  and why wouldn’t it: foreign troops have invaded and occupied their country! The people responsible for 9/11 are no longer there. So why are we?
Why are we offering up the lives of our sons and daughters every single day, for no reason anyone can define. The October 20th Governments budgets cuts are upon us. These are the severest spending cuts since the 1930s – all in order to fund an illegal war.
Prime Minister Cameron says our British troops will be in Afghanistan at least another five years at a cost of £5bn a year, while cutting child benefits to save £1bn a year and cutting housing benefit to
the poor to save £1.8bn a year.
Following the successful withdraw of our service personnel, we, as a country
must take responsibility for ongoing humanitarian aid and support to the people of

Contact phone number 07907233861, email mail@peacestrike.org

Peace Strike is committed to bring our service personnel back from Afghanistan alive, and to aid in the prevention of further conflicts within the middle east especially Iran.