In addition to the regular Peace Strikes, we also have these projects:

Supporting the Tamil protests: Since the beginning of April 2009, there have been largescale demonstrations in Parliament Square by the Tamil community in the UK against the atrocities that the Sri Lankan Government has committed against Tamils in Sri Lanka. For more click here.

Arrest Tony Blair: At 11:15 on 16th May 2007 Peace Strike members made their first attempt to conduct a citizens arrest of Tony Blair. They were accompanied outside Downing Street by a small group of supporters and a film crew. The police were informed of their intentions and relevant documentation was handed over. For more details please click here.

Daily Downing Street Petitions: Every working day a petition is handed into No. 10 Downing street. Signatures are collected in Parliament Square and delivered the following day. The petitions normally requests that Iran should not be attacked. However, other petitions have been handed in relating to urgent current issues, for example, the repeal of SOCPA and the crisis in Gaza. For more details click here.

Peace processions: The first peace procession took place on Sunday 5 October 2008 in London. There have been three processions since. The peace procession starts at Westminster Cathedral, stopping at Parliament Square and Downing Street, finishing at St Martins in the Fields, Trafalgar Square or the Edith Cavell Statue on St Martin’s Lane. Everyone is welcome to come and take part in the procession – it is for all faiths and none, for everyone who cares about humanity and peace and wishes to demand an end to the destruction and suffering caused by our own country’s actions. See the report of the first procession here.