Daily Downing Street Petitions

In June 2007, Peace Strike petitioned Downing Street asking for the arrest of Tony Blair and those responsible for the war in Iraq. We believe  these people have broken several laws relating to war crime and crimes against humanity.

These petitions then lead to the daily petitioning of Downing Street where the UK Prime Minister lives and works and where Cabinet and many other Government meetings are held. The petitions have concentrated on the potential attack on Iran but have also included support for Palestine, Burma and the abolition of SOCPA.

The signatures are collected in Parliament Square and handed in to Downing Street (nearly) every day.

As of 12 January 2009 the following number of petitions have been handed in at 10 Downing Street.

Crisis in Gaza 1

Hands off Iran 337

Supporting a peace plan 80

Arrest Tony Blair 12

Free Palestine 7

Solidarity with the people of Burma 5

Repeal SOCPA 5

Petitions handed in as part of the monthly Peace Procession 4


The petitions are still going to this day, and the total number to date will be posted soon when we have official confirmation.       19/4/2013


There have also been 50 demonstrations outside No10, within Downing Street.


A selection of petitions from 2012