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Four- week US Emergency ‘Peace Picket’ Ends Today.


Peace Strike outside US Embassy London

Four-week US Embassy ‘Peace Picket’ ends today

(Sat 28 September) – Peace Strike will today dismantle its emergency 24hr ongoing ‘Peace Picket’ for Syria, outside the US Embassy in London.

Following the passing of a resolution last night by the United Nations Security Council, the immediate threat of Western military strikes on Syria appears to have passed. We shall nevertheless remain vigilant and be following events closely, responding with further action as required.


We recognize the plight of the Syrian people and the devastating consequences that the civil war has had on the Syrian people as a whole. As a direct result, 2 million refugees have fled into neighboring countries and that in turn has increased regional tension as countries try to accommodate them. There are also 4 million internally displaced people within the Syria.

What they desperately need now – foremost – is medical aid, supplies and equipment. The world’s military might is stationed in and around the Gulf and has the skill and ability to take a lead by helping the 500,000 seriously wounded people in Syria and take emergency action NOW.

It has to be the Syrian people themselves who initiate dialogue and negotiation towards peace within their country, together with the full cooperation and help from the wider international community. We support all initiatives that promote a peaceful solution for all concerned.

Peace Strike would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported our ‘peace picket’ in various ways, with special thanks to those who have helped maintain our physical, round-the-clock presence outside the embassy for nearly a month.

Watch this space for news of future actions!

Peace news article about Syrian nonviolence movement by Jessica Corbett.


Petition to No 10 Downing Street.

“ON STRIKE” for peace, US Embassy UK.

Peace Strike outside the US Embassy UK September 2013.


Youtube 2009

Uploaded by Eshgham Vatanam

An informative film concerning historical facts , timeline  and events that have lead to the political moral dilemma that faces Iran today.

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Peacestrike plan to put both ‘Peace Plinths’ up for auction.

The idea is to add as much value to both plinths as possible. We have invited eminent artists to contribute art work. The theme is related to powerful images that inspire thought and reflection. The art work is predominantly to promote peace and for people to  know that there is a way forward that is realistic,if people work together towards this common goal.

All the proceeds will go to bona fide projects in Iraq.

Legal note because of the location of the ‘Peace Plinths’ in historical place and time, any removal without the specific permission of  Peacestrike, will be subject to a demand of £250,000.

We have a duty to protect the value for the children and people on who’s behalf we are campaigning.

Statement from Peacestrike for 20th November 2010


Authorised SOCPA 2005 Demonstration in Whitehall by Peacestrike from 4.30 Trafalgar Square, London.

Also UK wide and NATO countries.

Peacestrike is committed to peace for all.

We are also committed to the right of the people of this country be able to speak out and be taken seriously by the Government of the day.

Our concerns in calling a General Peace Strike stem from the fact that the UK Government has not taken on board, or addressed to date, the real concerns of the majority of the British Public. We are tired of war….we are tired of the lies….we are tired of the futile deaths of both soldiers and civilians on both sides. We are tired of the excuse that we are delivering Democracy to a Nation that will one day supposedly thank us.

We all know this is a corporate war, not on behalf of any people, but for oil, drugs and rich mineral deposits. It is a global operation of plunder and deception.

Back at home we are facing the most severe financial cuts since the pre-war 1930’s.

We therefore feel that the time is right for the people to take the issue that has cost every person so dearly, and deliver our concerns to the very door where the problem stems.

We ask all who participate to act in a peaceful courteous manner at all times.

We have no argument with the police, indeed we have no argument with the Government. We do not wish to debate, discuss,negotiate, that time has passed… We come in peace to deliver a determined message that:


We need to break the NATO coalition and in doing so, prevent more wars. The time has come for peace. Only the people of the country can get the troops home. We must act now while we still have this window of opportunity open……

TAKE COURAGE TO DO THE RIGHT THING. We will not be doing any harm and indeed we have a moral duty to speak out on behalf of other people who are denied a voice. We have a great country, however we are responsible for so many needless deaths in a foreign land that most of us will never visit or even know where it is on the map. We need to restore our self respect.  The time to act is NOW!

Be prepared to stay as long as possible….or rotate shifts….bring tents, sleeping bags, roll mats, waterproofs,warm clothes,umbrellas, space blankets, food, drink, charged mobile phones,cameras……

Best wishes, and congratulations to all for making a historic stand for peace!

Peace Strike supports Vigil for Gaza

A continuous Vigil for Gaza started in Parliament Square on Thursday 8 January to to call for an immediate end to Israel’s military assault on Gaza and an end to the blockade and siege on Gaza.

The vigil is supported by the Peace Strike. Please come and join the vigil whenever you can. See here for more details.