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Democracy Village # ON STRIKE for PEACE #

#PRESS RELEASE#   00.45 Tuesday 20th July 2010 Parliament Square
“Democracy Village goes on STRIKE!”

“Concerned Citizens”at Democracy Village on Parliament Square state in open defiance of the pending eviction notice that they fully intend to carry on with their demand to “Bring Our Soldiers Home Alive!”

The majority of the people in this country DO NOT SUPPORT THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN!

Young people want a future free from war and deprivation. We now have a whole generation of disenfranchised youth who are disillusioned with a government that spends our money on illegal wars of aggression and illegal occupations.

We refuse to comply with laws that prevent our message going out to the people from Parliament Square, the historical home of protest. People only gather together to risk arrest and possible imprisonment if their concerns are of the utmost urgency.

Therefore to go “ON STRIKE for PEACE” to save life is our duty and can never be illegal if the underlying cause is justified.

Refuse to pay tax for war until the military budget is redirected into caring for the people. Checkout ‘tax strikes’ on ‘makewarshistory.org.uk‘.
Many thanks to all the people, nationally and internationally, who have supported the aims of Democracy Village and its stand against war.
The Village goes on…….
Concerned Citizens of Democracy Village, Parliament Square, London


Election Day Thursday 6th May

Join the Democracy Village on Parliament Square for an election Day message to the in-coming Government that we demand:


Listen to the people of the country who do not support this futile war.
People are dying everyday on  for no good reason. Let’s bring an end to this madness.
The Democracy village is making a stand to compromise the new Government into putting into action what the really people want!

If you plan to stay at the village, please bring a tent, (some maybe available onsite) sleeping bag, bowl, spoon and mug. Also any personal effects you may need.
The village promotes peace,freedom and justice.
In keeping with this, we ask all villager’s to be respectful to each other, and to help out occasionally with jobs that need to be done. We aim to keep our village in good order.
Drink and drugs are not encouraged as passed experience shows this can lead to many problems.
We are representing the grass-roots peace movement throughout the world.Our platform is Parliament Square, Westminster, the very heart of political decision making, home place of protestors and free speech! We are now a voice for the voiceless, and we cannot afford to be brought into disrepute.
Too many people have died and been seriously injured for us to loose the credibility and respect that a stand like a stand like this represents.

All movements are welcome to share and swap ideas etc….

Join the Peace Strike on Mayday!

End the War in Afghanistan. Bring the Troops Home

Saturday 1 May 2010, Parliament Square, London

Traditionally a day free of labour and a day in solidarity with the demands of labour, Peacestrike have called a strike on 1 May from 10am, to demand an end to war and an end to the senseless killing.

Joining the Peacestrike in Parliament Square will be the Election Meltdown May Day Carnival and People’s Assembly. This will be followed by a Direct Democracy Camp which will stay until the election on 6th May.

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'End the War in Afghanistan. Bring the Troops Home