Maria to take protest to Prime Minister’s door on 16th day of Hunger Strike as Cabinet meets

Come and Support!

Meet from 8am in Parliament Square (next to hunger strike banner)

This Tuesday, Maria Gallastegui will be on the 16th day of her hunger strike opposite the Houses of Parliament protesting against the situation in Gaza. She will be personally taking her demonstration and demands up to 10 Downing Street at 8.30am as Ministers arrive for the Cabinet meeting.

Maria started the hunger strike on the 12 January – the day that MPs and Lords returned to Parliament – and has been taking in only liquids since. There is a large banner opposite Parliament displaying the number of days the hunger strike has continued.

Maria says, “The hunger strike is an act of protest to highlight the unacceptable atrocities perpetrated on the people of Gaza. The Israeli forces have deliberately targeted civilians, have used ‘White Phosphorus’, and are suspected of using depleted uranium, which will have devastating effects for decades to come. As with the attack on Lebanon in 2006, there has been total disregard for human life. The civilians must now struggle to survive in the wreckage. A ceasefire may be in place but we demand an end to the blockade that has made life for people in Gaza so difficult for two years, an end to the sale of arms to Israel by the UK government and that those who committed these war crimes are held responsible and punished.

“We each need to continue to be outraged and to continue to speak out. Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza. Will it be Iran next? For the people of Gaza we bear witness to this great injustice.”

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Watch a short film taken on day 5 of Maria’s hunger strike.

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