2012 Prepare to “DO NOTHING” and “BUY NOTHING” for Peace.


The writing is on the wall. We have failed to get our troops home. They will not bring our military back to this country because they need them strategically placed for the next war with Iran.

What can we do to be effective against this madness. As peaceful people we must become disciplined and self reliant and trust that what we are about to undertake is right, because it is right.

Morally, we each have a duty of care towards our fellow human being, whoever and wherever they are.

At some point, at a given time, we will need to SHUT DOWN for peace.

“DO NOTHING” and BUY NOTHING” is the only way we, the ordinary person will be taken seriously of by our Governments.

We must not allow a repeat of the unfounded statements made against Iraq, that has lead to the destruction of a sovereign nation, for no good reason.

We must not allow the media propaganda to take over, and rule our hearts and minds.

Take courage, start to prepare now, emotionally, we will need to be strong.

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